Chronology of Police Version of Wawan’s Arrest, Bandar Lampung

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Bandar Lampung – – Enrekang Police Chief AKBP Andi Sinjaya explained that the case of the defamation report was reported by the Head of Law of the Enrekang Regency Government as the attorney for the Regent of Enrekang in November 2020. In this case, reported Ridwan alias Wawan to the police.

Andi Sinjaya explained, the handling of defamation cases has been carried out by the investigators professionally through the applicable procedures.

“Before the Criminal Investigation Unit carried out several procedures according to the rules, starting with complaints, issuing police reports, investigations, examining expert witnesses, case titles and coordination with related agencies. I emphasize that we serve every public complaint indiscriminately and carry out the enforcement process. objectively, “said the Head of Enrekang Police to VIVA, Sunday, February 14, 2021.

Andi Sinjaya added that investigators had coordinated with the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights in South Sulawesi to question the legality of the reported website.

Kemenkum Ham stated through letter number: W.23.AH.02.03-05 which states that the legality of PT. Update Media Sulsel is not registered in the DG AHU database as a legal entity or business entity, for this of course the South Sulawesi Update does not comply with the law. number 40 of 1999 in article 9 paragraph 2 which reads:

“Every press company must be an Indonesian legal entity”

In addition, the Police have coordinated and sent a letter to the Press Council and based on a search through the Press Council website, the name of the PT is not registered as a Press Company.

The Head of Enrekang Police explained that in the writing, Ridwan’s position as a resource was not the author, but during the examination, he explained that he was the one who wrote the writing but included another name as the author.

“Ridwan cannot show or show his identity card as a journalist in the South Sulawesi news update and his name is not listed as a reporter or journalist on the media page,” said the Enrekang Police Chief.

Investigators, said have also carried out an examination of the criminal expert, stating that Ridwan’s actions have caused uproar, anxiety and to hatred or individual hostility, so the criminal act committed by Ridwan is a qualification for criminal information and electronic transactions. .

Investigators have also checked the company address listed on the media page which is located at the Taman Toraja housing complex, Tanjung Bunga, Kec. Tamalate city of Makassar.

However, the address does not exist and cannot be found as stated by the local village head.

“We have asked several witnesses, including the Regent of Enrekang, Deputy Regent of Enrekang and the Head of Law of the Enrekang Regency Government,” said Andi Sinjaya.

From the results of the testimonies of witnesses, that what was reported by the South Sulawesi News Update by Brother Ridwan was untrue and a lie, because the money to be borrowed by the Enrekang Regency Government was not to pay for honorary staff, other than that he never clarified the source of the information and quoted the deputy’s statement. Regent without clarification and approval.

“Based on data from the Enrekang Regional Government, the money to be borrowed by the Enrekang Regency Government is planned for regional development including road infrastructure, bridges and the health sector, sports facilities centers, and the market sector according to the regent’s statement to the central government no 912/4213 / Setda / 2020 dated 28. December 2020, “he said.

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