Landslide Lunge Candisari Semarang, 1 person Died

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Semarang, – Heavy rain flushed Semarang City from Friday night to Saturday (6/2/2021) afternoon, causing Jomblang Village, Candisari District, Semarang City to be flooded.

To make matters worse, besides flooding, it was also accompanied by landslides. From the information gathered at the location, there were dozens of landslide points in the village and one resident named Maimunah (65) was declared dead in this incident. Another one was injured and one is still in search.

Meanwhile, joint officers until this news was written were still at the landslide location carrying out rescue and rescue of victims. Including from the Central Java Police Mobile Brigade Unit from Bataliyon A Semarang who was deployed to help evacuate victims.

Danyon Brimob Polda Central Java, Kompol Supandi said, as many as 15 Central Java Mobile Brigade personnel led by Danki 2 Yon A Iptu Edy Saputra, SIK was deployed to the scene to assist victims in evacuation.

“Alhamdulillah, one victim has been found dead. And the victim was buried this afternoon, ”said Commissioner Supandi, Saturday (6/2/2021).

As explained by Kompol Supandi, landslides that overflowed Jomblang residents from 3 Jomblang sub-districts, RT. 003 RW. 001 Semarang occurred due to heavy rain from Friday night to Saturday morning.

The same thing was stated by Pranoto, a local resident. According to him, bad weather accompanied by heavy rain flushed Jomblangsari causing landslides.

“What I know, the incident occurred at 06.30 in the morning. Suddenly there was a roar and the house above immediately collapsed. This landslide is the first time in a long time, ”said Pranoto. (Muz)

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