Grammar Exercise – Indefinite Pronouns

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Task No. 174
Do the exercise by choosing the correct answer. This task tests your understanding about Pronoun.

If you want to learn about this topic before doing this exercise you can visit :

Pronoun; Definition and Example

Choose the correct answer of the questions below.

Question 1

Which indefinite pronoun can replace the one in this sentence without changing the meaning? "I knocked but nobody answered."

Question 2

Which indefinite pronoun can complete this sentence? "I thought we'd run out of sugar, but I found _______ ."

Question 3

Complete with the correct indefinite pronoun: "They all got tired and _______ fell asleep."

Question 4

Complete with the correct indefinite pronoun: "She tried both, but she didn't like _______ ."

Question 5

Which is a list of indefinite pronouns?

Question 6

In which sentence is "one" an indefinite pronoun?

Question 7

Which common phrase only contains one indefinite pronoun?

Question 8

An indefinite pronoun takes the place of a _______ person, thing or amount.

Question 9

Which is correct? "There are ten teams, and _______ has its own team colours."

Question 10

Which contains a plural indefinite pronoun?

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